Venom PKO

$5 Million GTD Venom PKO Main Event

There’s never been a PKO tournament this big.

We apologize to your jaw, which is about to remain on the floor for good. Because when you see how big the bounties get in the Venom PKO, you won’t believe your eyes.

The world’s biggest Progressive Knockout tournament is right here. It’s a multi-day, multi-million-dollar event unlike anything on the planet. Take out a player, get 50% of their bounty. The other half? It’s on your head. And there’s millions in prize money. Are you in?

Venom PKO Tournament Schedule

The Venom PKO is a multi-day tournament with four Day 1 flights, followed by Day 2, Day 3, and the epic final table. Spanning about a week and a half, there’s nothing like the Venom PKO.


Can you feel your temperature rising?

We’ve made it easy to get into the Venom PKO. Sure, you can toss $2,650 into the ring and lock down your seat. But where’s the fun in that?

Look for a satellite to win your seat in any Day 1 flight for pennies on the dollar. And watch for special Venom Fever satellites where hundreds of guaranteed seats are up for grabs.