The Mini Online Super Series is a tournament series designed for small stakes players. It consists of all low-to-medium buy-ins, but has prize pool guarantees that are nothing to sneeze at.

Also known by its nickname (MOSS), this series can last 1-2 weeks. The longer version can have around $2.5 Million in guarantees over 150 tournaments.

The MOSS is often the first section of the 3-part OSS Cub3d series, but it also runs as a standalone version to the delight of many of our budget conscious (and other) players.

 $250,000 MAIN EVENTS

The Mini Online Super Series typically contains two Main Events, which range in upwards of $250,000 guaranteed each, but they still have a reasonable buy-in (around $50).

Traditionally these were single-day events, but multi-day tourneys have become more popular lately as player traffic has increased. PKO versions have also been added to the mix in addition to Holdem.

We will post the full schedule here for the Mini Online Super Series as soon as it’s announced.