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Now you can experience deep stack, final table play with ACR’s Final Table Experience Tournaments.

These 9-man tournaments give each player a massive $1,000,000 in starting chips and play down like a regular Multi-Table Tournaments where the top three spots are paid and the tournament ends when one player has all the chips.

These tournaments hold exceptional value for two types of players. Let’s face it; it’s just not that easy these days to hit the final table of a Multi-Table tournament. Players who take the time to practice deep stack play and familiarize themselves with the kind of situations that arise with hundreds of big blinds will be more prepared to crush the competition when the situation actually presents itself.

On the flip side players who enjoy a lot of play but don’t want to risk a huge amount of money will find exceptional value in this format. Tournament buy-ins start as little as $0.99 and play begins when 9 players register in the Sit & Go Lobby within the Tournament Lobby. Take your shot at the exhilarating feeling of conquering a final table today!