The $12,500,000 Venom. At Least 3 Millionaires GTD. 2917 Players Enrolled So Far! (Last updated 04/22 8:00 EST). Learn how to win your seat for $0.

The Cannuli Challenge

3 Venom tickets. 3 months. Zero bankroll

ACR Pro Thomas Cannuli wants to show the world just how lucrative our $5 Million Venom Step Tournaments are by attempting to win three $2,650 Venom tickets in just over three months.
Why is this a big deal? Because he’s starting with no money whatsoever (ZERO, NADA, NOTHING)

The rules:

  • He can only play Venom Step tournaments, satellites or super satellites in order to win his tickets. He may not play other freerolls on the site in order to build his bankroll. They must be branded with “Venom”.
  • If he wins his first ticket, he can sell it in our Venom Ticket Marketplace at current market value to reinvest the proceeds in other Venom Step tournaments, satellites, or super satellites.

What do you think? That’s almost $8,000 worth of tickets, starting from scratch. Too hard? Too easy? Would you be betting for or against him?

Below are all the tournaments he can play to win his seats. Remember, he starts with no money, so until he wins his first one and sells it, it’s Step 1 tournaments to start only!