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Streak Tournaments

Go big or go again!

We’ve got a brand new type of tournament that will help you maximize your bankroll and increase the chances for you to take home some big bucks at your next final table!

The difference is all in the payout structure. In the standard tournament format, a small portion of the field finish in the money. In a streak tournament, many more players finish in the money while the final table still has huge prizes.

Outside of the final table, players are awarded a tournament ticket valued at the cost of the tournament buy-in so they can try again another day. This flattens out the payout structure, so now three times the players are guaranteed a prize!

Get on a roll, streak your way through multiple events, and work your way up to that big score!


  • Available Mon-Sat with buy-ins of $5.50, $22, $88, $265
  • Those who finish in the money (outside final table) will automatically be registered in the event with the same buy-in amount the next day
  • Players may unregister from the next day’s event in order to receive a ticket to use on a later day of their choice
  • Weekday and Saturday $265 Streak tickets can be used for Million Dollar Sundays events