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Software Upgrade

On Monday, May 20th all Winning Poker Network Sites began the multi-phase launch of our new software. In order to ensure your gameplay experience is not affected, some services will be temporarily unavailable during the transition.

We will be providing constant updates to this page, and we encourage you to also follow us on social media for the latest updates on the integration.

Affected Services:

  • VIP Program Rewards: You will receive full credit for any gameplay and any points accumulated will be tallied and recorded accurately. During the first phases of the launch, you will temporarily be unable to see the points accumulated in the poker client. Rest assured that once we’ve enabled that functionality, you will see that you’ve received credit for any and all play.
  • Sports Betting: On Thursday, May 16th WPN transferred all sports balances over to player poker accounts and temporarily disabled sports betting as an option. Sports betting will be reinstated in a timely manner.
  • Beast and Sit & Crush Leaderboards-The Beast and Sit & Crush races are still running though you will be unable to see your points earned on the leaderboard page on your end. All points are being effectively tabulated, and you are receiving full credit for your play. You will be able to see your leaderboard points once the software migration is complete and all prizes will be paid retroactively.

When payments will be made to players:

SitNCrush: June 15 to June 21June 25th
SitNCrush: June 8 to June 14June 25th
SitNCrush: June 1 to June 7June 25th
SitNCrush: May 25th to May 31June 25th
SitNCrush: May 18th to May 24June 25th
Beast: June 15 to June 21June 25th
Beast: June 8 to June 14June 25th
Beast: June 1 to June 7June 25th
Beast: May 25th to May 31June 25th
Beast: May 18th to May 24June 27th
RakeBack PaymentsJuly 2nd
Loyalty Programs PaymentsEstimate Coming Soon

Other Reported Issues We Are Working On

Bug DescriptionStatus
Multiple players busting on the bubble should order by starting stack sizeQueue
MTT Table balancing needs improved logic - Phase 2Queue
Show mucked hands in replayer, not just hand historyQueue
Uncheck rebuy in an R/A tournament mid hand still rebuys (No R/A mtts will play until this is fixed.)Queue
Auto add on button not workign in R/A tournaments (No R/A mtts will play until this is fixed.)Queue
Changed "Registring" to "Registered" after you register for an MTT or SNGQueue
Chip placement is over community cardsQueue
When a table breaks to heads up, the turn to act is incorrect for one hand (big blind is first to act throughout)Queue
After timing out you can't see your hole cards by hovering over your nameplateQueue
MTT not showing players sitting outQueue
Pressing action button right before time bank makes buttons disappear and your action isn't takenFixed
Shouldn't have to rejoin if you time out in check or bet situation.Fixed
Auto switch between tables works even if the function is disabled.Fixed
Some players not getting hand histories written to PCFixed
Some players reporting high CPU usage when running the clientFixed
Able to type in bet box starting with a decimal for centsFixed
MTT Table balancing needs improved logic - Phase 1Fixed
Captcha human player verification redesign to not be on all tables.Fixed
Fix Blitz poker freezing tablesFixed
Double or Nothing displayed after MTT win regardless being dissabledFixed
Seat shows "Join Table" when players are on the waiting list.Fixed
If you press enter after your action comes up, Enter executes a bet.Fixed
Lobby time and the tournament start times not in player's PC timeFixed
Auto topup not working across all cash game stakesFixed
Tournament prize pool red box does not show all places paid when over the GTD amountFixed
Sound bugsFixed
Player notes remains on the seat after a player leaves the tableFixed
Timebank activating clears the custom bet boxFixed
Must click OK mutliple times in rebuy window to workFixed
Fuzzy graphics in chips and text at the tableFixed
Tournament not resuming after the break if hand for hand ends on the last hand before the breakFixed
Hand for hand occuring because each prize group jump in some tournamentsFixed
Rathole games allowed players to win and come back with the minimum laterFixed
Cap games have a delay with an all-in and then only shows community cards for 1 secondFixed

Should you have experienced any other issues that you don’t see on this list, please let us know in the feedback form below.

Software Upgrade Feedback Form

See something that needs some work?

Let us know! We encourage you to let us know anything that is not working on our new software and could use some improvement. We thank you for your help and appreciate your ongoing patience while we make our poker client even better.

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