If you love having key game stats front and center, then you’re going to appreciate our enhanced stats display when playing MTTs.  While our standard stats display conveniently shows your position, positions paid, add-on chips, and rebuy cost at a glance, we’re putting more data at your fingertips.

With our enhanced stats display you can also see the average stack, the number of levels for late registration, blinds, add-on cost, the current prize pool and first-place prize.  Plus, you can now customize the four stats that you see at a glance.

Here's how it works

The default stats window should automatically appear on the game screen.  You’ll find it on the upper righthand side of the screen when you launch your multi-table tournament, unless you’ve previously modified your settings.u play.

To access our enhanced stats display, simply hover over the default stats window using the mouse cursor.  If you want the enhanced stats display to remain on the screen, simply click on it while it’s active and it will remain open.

For your convenience, you can easily customize the four stats that are displayed in the default stats window. When the enhanced stats display is active, just click on the eye symbol located next to any statistic to select/deselect it.  You can select a maximum of four stats at a time, so you might need to deselect some options before selecting your favorites.

To adjust the transparency of the stats window, just use the scroll bar located on the left below the info icon.

You can now view your preferred stats at a glance while you play.