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Get ready for double the thrills at the poker tables with Run it Twice. This is your chance to make playing for that big pot a little less stressful and reduce variance by splitting the hand into two, with each hand worth half the pot.

Here’s how it works:

1) A player goes all in.
2) The other player clicks the button to Run it Twice.
3) Both players agree.
4) Two separate hands are created.
5) You now have two runs on the board, with each run worth half the pot.

Run it Twice creates 2 separate hands

You can click the Run it Twice button anytime. If the all-in is called pre-flop, two completely different hands will hit the board. If you Run it Twice after the flop, the second hand created will feature an identical flop, with distinct turns and rivers hitting the board.

Turn on Run it Twice

Before you play, make sure you have Run it Twice turned on in the poker software. Go to Settings > Playing Tools and select Run it Twice. Then, turn it on.