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We’ve made some marked improvements to our bet slider. Now you can easily wager the exact amount of money you want with our handy bet slider.

The bet slider allows you to select your desired bet without having to clumsily type in the required bet, allowing you more time to focus on making the correct decision every time!

Here’s how it works:

1. When sitting at a Ring Game or Sit & Go the bet slider can be seen at the bottom right corner of the screen when it’s your turn to act.
2. There are two ways to use the bet slider. You can click directly on the right or left of the bet slider to find the correct wager or you can use the roller ball on your mouse to slide it up and down.
3. Thanks to our raise-methodology, you can now raise the bet according to the exact amount of money indicated on the bet slider. If for instance the initial bet is $30 and you wish to raise the wager to $100, simply find the $100 on the bet slider in order to make that bet.

Playing multiple tables and raising to the exact desired amount is now easier than ever on ACR. You’ll never have to punch in a bet on the keyboard again, making for fast and easy game play!