Do you miss the days when you could see screen names and stacks at the tables? Then you’re going to love our Rail Table Tickets.

Rail Table Tickets allow you to view all the available information at a specific table. You’ll have access to all the data that we used to automatically display before we introduced hidden screen names.

How it works:

Every player automatically receives 3 Rail Table Tickets, which is the maximum number you can have at any given time. To use one of your Rail Table Tickets, simply click on the red View Players button when viewing a table. You’ll need to confirm that you wish to use your ticket.

Your Rail Table Ticket will allow you to view a table for 5 hours. After 5 hours, the table will revert to hidden mode. When you use a Rail Table ticket, we’ll grant you a new one in 24 hours. Please note that when using a Rail Table Ticket, you will be unable to take a seat at that table for 7 hours after using the ticket.

If you’ve used all your Rail Table Tickets, we’ll display the amount of time you’ll need to wait before being granted more.