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Important Note: Poker Staking Verified is for all players interested in getting their tournament action staked at a markup. To learn more about Staking in general, click here.


Got mad poker skills and want to ask for a bit more from people to stake your action? We get it. If you’re a tournament crusher and think you’re going to make huge money for both you and your stakers, then you should be justly rewarded.

There is one small catch, however. If you want to be staked with a markup over 1, you have to be verified and agree to have your real name publicly displayed (not your player nickname). This is so any interested staker can look up your poker accomplishments / play history and make an educated decision whether to purchase any action from you.

For you, it gets your name out more in the poker community and, as time goes on, other players get to see the success and money you’ve brought to investors, allowing you to charge the price you deserve.

To verify your account, simply follow the steps outlined in the video here. Once our agents confirm your documents, they will mark your account as verified.

We thank you for following our process and procedures that will allow for an enjoyable Staking process for all parties.