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You know how your blood pressure climbs a bit when you’re in an all-in situation with everything on the table, community cards still to come, and no way to influence the hand by making moves?

Well, now you can relax a bit because Play It Safe is here. The extraordinary feature lets you collect the value of your hand without having to worry about bad beats.

How Play It Safe Works

When an all-in situation occurs during a cash game and players’ hands are flipped over (but before the river and assuming there’s no more action pending), we’ll calculate each player’s probability to win the pot and assign them a cash out value.

• If you’re in the all-in pot, you’ll have the option to cash out your hand, risk-free.

• If you accept, you won’t be able to contest any portion of the pot. You’ll receive the amount we offer and it will be added to your stack right away.

• If you decline, you’ll continue to play as normal.

How We Calculate Your Play It Safe Payout

We use the following formula to calculate your Play It Safe Payout amount:

Play It Safe Payout = (pot size – rake) x probability of winning.

Keep in mind that there’s a 1% fee on the value of your hand (not the entire pot). We’ll deduct that prior to presenting you a Play It Safe Payout amount.

Don’t like the Play It Safe feature? Opt out in the Settings menu.

Heads up! Play It Safe is not available when the offered amount is less than $0.01.

Play It Safe Example

0.5/1 No Limit Hold’em

Pot: 100 (rake 2.5)
Player 1 has a pair of aces, pre-flop, and a winning probability of 81.95%.
Player 2 has a pair of kings, pre-flop, and a winning probability of 18.05%.

Play It Safe Amounts:
Player 1 -> (100 – 2.5) x 81.95% x 99% = 79.10
Player 2 -> (100 – 2.5) x 18.05% x 99% = 17.42