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Who doesn’t love making a deal?  When you take advantage of our Deal Making feature at the final table of a multi-table tournament, you and your opponents can agree to end the action and split the prize money. It’s an equitable way to stop playing and get paid immediately.

Deal making is entirely optional.  You will find the Deal Making available at the final table of scheduled multi-table tournaments if late registration is closed and the number of payouts in the tournament is equal to or greater than the number of seats at the final table.  You can even make a deal in a knockout MTT, but bounties are excluded from the deal amounts and each player will keep their bounty at the time of the deal.

How it works

If you are interested in a deal, just click the “I Want a Deal” button at the final table.

This button will appear in place of the “Live Dealer Blackjack” button at eligible final tables.  Once the first hand begins at the final table, all players will see the deal instructions dialog box.

When a player clicks the “I Want a Deal” button, the circle surrounding their avatar will turn green and an animation will appear on the table.

After all players have clicked the “I Want a Deal” button, they will see a message that reads, “All players would like to make a deal.  After this hand, the tournament will be paused and players may review the terms of the deal.”

When the hand ends, the tournament will pause and all players will see the deal prompt.  Observers will see a blank table along with the message “Players are deciding whether to make a deal.”

When the “Make a Deal” window appears, players will have 5 minutes to click on the “Accept this deal” or “No deal right now” button before the timer elapses. You’ll see the tournament prize structure, remaining players, current chip count, and the current deal amount for each player.

Deal amounts are calculated by the ICM calculator and are not negotiable.  All deals pertain to the regular prize pool only.  In a bounty tournament, players will keep their current bounties even in the event of a deal.

As players assess the deal, a green checkmark will be displayed beside all players who accept the deal and a red checkmark will be displayed beside any player who rejects the deal.

If one or more players isn’t interested in a deal, all players will see a message indicating “The deal is not accepted by all players.  Play will resume in 20 seconds.” Even if players reject a deal, they will still be to make a deal at any time based on the new chip stack.

If everyone accepts the deal, the tournament will end. You’ll see a message indicating that a deal has been accepted along with how much you’ve won (including any applicable bounties).  We’ll pay out the agreed upon amount plus any bounties and also update the list of winners in the tournament lobby to reflect the deal.

Players who participated in the deal will be highlighted in green.