Blitz Poker

We’re breaking the speed limit and kicking boredom to the curb with Blitz Poker. It’s a whole new way to experience poker on the go at unprecedented speeds.

Unlike typical cash games where you choose your table, you’ll join a player pool when you play Blitz Poker.

Whenever you fold your hand, you’ll immediately move to a new table alongside five other players from your pool who have just folded as well.

These small structural changes will transform the pace of the game and the way you play poker.


– Fast-paced play lets you enjoy twice as many hands in less time.

– Constant action eliminates boredom and waiting around.

– Available on Mobile devices (Android and iOS).

– Exclusively for No Limit Hold’em 6 Max tables.

– Offered at a variety so everyone can enjoy poker at high speed.

You can now sign up, deposit, play poker, and cash out your winnings using your Mobile device.

We’ve also recently updated our mobile platform, so not only is Blitz Poker available on your Mac or PC, but on your phone as well.