Bankroll Beneficiaries

Our Bankroll Beneficiaries feature ensures that your funds will be returned to your loved ones should you pass away or become physically unable to access your account.  It works a lot like the beneficiary for financial investments or a will. Please note this is a completely voluntary process, designed to give you extra peace of mind.

You can enable this feature by visiting My Account section of the poker client and clicking on Bankroll Beneficiaries.  Specifying a beneficiary is entirely optional but highly recommended.

From the Bankroll Beneficiaries dialogue box, enter the number of months of inactivity you want us to wait before we distribute your bankroll.  We’ll send your balance via the cryptocurrencies of your choosing in the percentages you specify to the addresses you provide. You can choose to have one or multiple beneficiaries. Keep in mind that we will attempt to contact you before distributing your balance.