$5 Million GTD Venom PKO

Online poker’s biggest Progressive Knockout tournament returns for the eighth time. So, put your mouthguard in and punch your way to a piece of the life-changing prize pool.

  • Most recent Venom PKO champ won close to $700,000.
  • As the tournament progresses, you can expect bounties worth as much as tens of thousands of dollars each.
  • All previous Venom PKO tournaments exceeded their guarantee.

January 18th to 31st

Choose from four separate Day 1 options. Of course, the action gets more intense as the tournament progresses.

  • Day 1A: Thursday, January 18th at 1:05pm ET
  • Day 1B: Sunday, January 21st at 1:05pm ET
  • Day 1C: Thursday, January 25th at 1:05pm ET
  • Day 1D: Sunday, January 28th at 1:05pm ET
  • Day 2: Monday, January 29th at 1:05pm ET
  • Day 3: Tuesday, January 30th at 1:05pm ET

Final Table: Wednesday, January 31st at 4:05pm ET

We’re guaranteeing 650 seats through Venom Fever Satellites, which are available from January 7th to 28th. Buy in directly for as low as $33 or take advantage of Mega Satellites with paths starting at $0.  You also find Step Tournaments starting at $0.11.

See the separate Venom Fever promo page here.

  • If you advance to Day 2, it is prohibited to register for other Day 1 flights. You cannot attempt to obtain a bigger stack in a separate Day 1.
  • Primary tickets may not be sold. Only players with surplus tickets can sell the extra ones.
  • If you have multiple Venom tickets that you want to sell, you can set the sale price in agreement with the buyer. To facilitate this, both parties should email tickettrade@winningpokernetwork.com from their registered email address associated with their poker account, stating the agreed price and their intention to buy/sell.
  • Players with a single entry may buy extra entries. If the additional entries remain unused by the end of late registration on January 28th, 2024, you must wait for the subsequent Venom tournament to use any additional entries.
  • Only Venom tickets valued at $2,650 are transferable. Tickets for other tournaments or of different values are non-transferable and expire within a year of issuance.
  • $2,650 Venom tickets are to be used solely for Venom tournaments.
  • To participate in the January $5 Million Venom PKO tournament, players may use only one Winning Poker Network account.
  • Players holding multiple tickets across various Winning Poker Network accounts must transfer their tickets to one account by contacting customer service before Day 1A of the $5 Million Venom PKO, which begins on Thursday, January 18th.
  • Failing to contact customer service to consolidate the tickets into a single account will result in an automatic forfeiture of all tickets at the tournament’s start and a permanent ban on all Winning Poker Network accounts.
  • Players found to be participating in the January $5 Million Venom PKO using multiple Winning Poker Network accounts will have their winnings revoked.
  • Final table deal-making is allowed.
  • WPN retains the right to modify the terms and conditions within a reasonable period before the event.