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Why should high stakes players have all the fun? Introducing ‘The Playpen’….the micro-stakes cash game in time based tournament format with all the feel of big stakes poker!

You start The Playpen tourney with 1,000 chips valued at 1 penny each. Blinds start at 5/10 and increase every 13 minutes. After four 13 minute levels of play, the tournament is over and the chips you have in front of you are converted to cash and credited to your account! For instance if you have 30,000 chips, you’ve won $300!

The whole tournament takes just 60 minutes to play and you can parlay your 10 buck buy-in into hundreds while experiencing the thrill of big blind poker!


  • Low buy-in of just $10.50
  • 6-max format
  • Four fast-paced levels each just 13 minutes long
  • Nosebleed cash game experience without breaking the bank

Dates and Times:

  • Fridays at: 3:00pm ET, 5:00pm ET, 7:00pm ET, 9:00pm ET, 11:00pm ET

Blind Levels:

  • Level 1: 5/10 with 1 unit antes
  • Level 2: 10/20 with 2 unit antes
  • Level 3: 15/30 with 3 unit antes
  • Level 4: 25/50 with 5 unit antes

Once you’re in The Playpen, there’s no easy way out! All players must complete all four levels of play to get paid! There’s no quitting early and once you’re out, you’re out for good! The Playpen has no re-entries, rebuys, or late registration!

Join The Playpen to experience the feel of nosebleed stakes poker with blinds as high as 25/50 in this miniaturized version of our weekly popular $1,050 buy-in tournament called The Cage.