The $12,500,000 Venom. At Least 3 Millionaires GTD. 2917 Players Enrolled So Far! (Last updated 04/22 8:00 EST). Learn how to win your seat for $0.

Four easy steps to becoming the ‘Next Moneymaker’

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  1. Reply to the SMS using the code: MONEYMAKER
  2. Get a $.01 ticket credited into your account.
  3. Play in our select tourneys through July 5th (schedule here).
  4. Qualify for the final multi-day tourney starting July 11th.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only players who got this SMS will qualify
  • You must reply to this SMS using code: MONEYMAKER
  • Promo runs Friday, June 5th through Friday, June 25th
  • Tickets are credited every 24 hours
  • Only one reply will count
  • Only one computer per IP address
  • Only ACR players qualify