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The Cage


Guard your chips and protect your stack because the blood is about to hit the felt.

We’ll pre-warn you. The Cage isn’t for the faint of heart, nor is it for those who are afraid to sweat. It’s for poker players who are passionate about winning and willing to do damage at the tables in ways most players only dream of.

Our weekly Cage event is BIGGER and BETTER than you ever imagined. So, we’re issuing the challenge to all poker warriors to enter and join the fight!

5 hours to dropkick your way to victory every Wednesday at 7:00pm ET

The Cage is a multi-table time-based cash game with a $1,000+50 buy-in (satellites are available). The tournament ends as soon as the clock hits 5 hours of play, regardless of how many players are left standing.

Your buy-in gets you 1,000 in chips and here’s the deal. Those chips have a real dollar value. At the end of the 5-hour tournament, we’ll convert your chip stack to real cash. So, if you’ve got 5,000 in chips left, we’ll load your account with $5,000 in cash.

The Cage Highlights

  • 5-hour cash game with multi-table tournament format
  • The Cage ends when the time is up, regardless of how many players are left standing
  • 6-max tables
  • Starting stack of 1,000
  • Chips have a real dollar value
  • At the end of the tournament, your chip stack is converted to real cash and loaded into your account

We Turn Up the Heat by Increasing the Blinds Every Level

The Cage is split into five levels (55 minutes apiece), with each getting more intense. Here’s the breakdown of how the blinds increase throughout the event:

  • Level 1 with $5 / $10 blinds and $1 antes
  • Level 2 with $8 / $16 blinds and $1 antes
  • Level 3 with $10 / $20 blinds and $2 antes
  • Level 4 with $15 / $30 blinds and $3 antes
  • Level 5 with $25 / $50 blinds and $5 antes

Terms and Conditions

  • Tournament entries won through satellites are non-transferable, may not be redeemed for cash and hold no cash value.
  • Players who satellite their way into the tournament can’t unregister from it.
  • Players who buy-into the tournament and then win a satellite for it, may take their cash and use their satellite win to play The Cage.
  • Delay of Game: Any player who is found to be taking excessive time will be warned. If the situation persists, a penalty of up to 10 minutes suspension may occur.