The $12,500,000 Venom. At Least 3 Millionaires GTD. 2917 Players Enrolled So Far! (Last updated 04/22 8:00 EST). Learn how to win your seat for $0.

There’s a Massive $1,000,000 GTD PKO Tournament for Six Sundays Straight

Take advantage of a $1 Million GTD PKO tourney every Sunday through October 18th. That’s six in all.

$1,000,000 GTD PKO Tournament Dates:

– September 13th, 20th, 27th
– October 4th, 11th, 18th

Venom PKO Main Event: We’re about to make poker history – once again.

Our multi-day $5 Million GTD Venom Main Event dwarves any single Progressive Knock Out tournament ever offered. Just imagine the size of the bounties down the stretch. Tens of thousands of dollars up for grabs for eliminating a single player!

Once again, we have four separate Day 1 options and at least $1 Million going to the winner. And there are more ways to win your $2,650 ticket than ever.

– Day 1A: Friday, October 23rd
– Day 1B: Sunday, October 25th
– Day 1C: Friday, October 30th
– Day 1D: Sunday, November 1st
– Day 2: Monday, November 2nd
– Day 3: Tuesday, November 3rd

*Final Table: Wednesday, November 4th

PKO Tournament Schedule

WPN reserves the right to alter the tournament schedule or specifications at any time.

$1,000,000 GTD event every Sunday through October 18th. Upcoming events:

$1M GTD Events, every Sunday!

Time (ET)TournamentBuyInFeeDetail
Sun Oct 18th
3:00 PMMoMoMoPKO #528 $1,000,000 GTD$600$308max


Smacking someone off the table comes with way more punch!

Progressive Knockout Tournaments are here with the chance to snowball your bounties into something epic.

When you play in a Knockout Tournament, we’ll place a cash bounty on every player in the tournament.

When you knock someone out, half their bounty goes into your pocket and the other half goes on your head.

How Progressive Knockout Tournaments Work

Enter a $10 Progressive Knockout Tournament and we’ll toss $5 into the total prize pool and another $5 to your bounty.

If you knock someone out, you’ll get $2.50 of that bounty. The other $2.50 is now added to your head. So now, you’re marked with $7.50.

If someone takes you out, they’ll get $3.75 and the other $3.75 gets added to their head.

Where to Find Progressive Knockout Tournaments

Progressive Knockout Tournaments are labelled PKO in the tournament description. And to make them easier to find, just look for the bulls-eye symbol.