You have fought your way to victory, Colonel.

Congratulations! By racking up 7,500 monthly Rank Points, you have earned cash rewards, a 2.5 Combat Point Multiplier, and more.

Here are your benefits, Colonel:

Combat Point MultiplierYou earn 2.5 CPs for every 1 RP earned
$600 Cash for purchase$600 cash for Combat Points available from Points Exchange Section in client
Medals of AchievementCash rewards once you hit the yearly required number of Rank Points
Points Earned in weighted contributed RakeYou earn more credit based on how much rake you contribute to a pot

Remember, your monthly Rank Point tally resets at the beginning of the month. All it takes is 7,500 Rank Points to maintain your Colonel status.

Colonel Rewards Summary

You are a Colonel. That means the sky is the limit. With your Combat Points in hand, go ahead and fire away by receiving 2.5 Combat Points for each Rank Point earned with your new Combat Points multiplier.

Think you are a General? Earn 100,000 Rank Points in a year and we will hit you with the next Rank.