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The Fight for Poker Freedom is on with Elite Benefits

You can enlist right now to fight the battles at the poker table. At Americas Cardroom, we are rewarding every player in our amazing online poker community with the best poker rewards in the world.

Our loyalty program is simple: the second you start to play for real money at Americas Cardroom, you will automatically become a part of Elite Benefits. Your goal is to keep improving your rank in the program. There are six ranks: Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, General and 5-Star General. We use the weighted contributed rake method to calculate your rewards, so earning points and improving your rank is easy.

Earning Rank Points (RPs) is easy:

For example, if you play a tournament which Buy-in is $20+$2, you will earn 11 RPs for the $2 USD you are paying as entry fees ($2 x 5.5 = 11)

  • In cash games, RPs are earned at a rate of 5.5 RPs for every dollar raked

For example, at a 9-handed table, with 6 players dealt, and a total of $2 in rake, 11 RPs are then divided among the six players (2 x 5.5 = 11). That’s 1.83 RPs earned per player (11 / 6 = 1.83)

You will also earn Combat Points (CPs) alongside the Rank Points. The number of Combat Points you will earn each month depends on your rank. A special Combat Point multiplier is set for each Military Rank the more you play – the more you win!

Find more about Combat Points HERE.

Wondering where you rank in the program? Hit the “Rewards” tab in the lobby to find out.