What is the difference between Rank Points and Combat Points?

Rank Points determine your Military Rank in our Elite Benefits.

Combat Points are earned alongside Rank Points. The number of Combat Points you will earn each month depends on your rank. Combat Points are a spendable currency.

To view your Military Rank, launch the Americas Cardroom software, log in, click on the “Rewards” menu, and then choose Elite Benefits.  You should see your current rank, available rewards, and more.

In Americas Cardroom tournaments

You will earn 5.5 Rank Points for each $1 USD paid in tournament fees.

For example, let’s say you are playing an online poker tournament that costs $10+1 to get into. $10 goes to the prize pool and $1 is the entry fee. The $10 in the tournament does not count for calculating your Rank Points. For tournaments, we only look at the fee associated with the buy-in. In this example, that is $1, and as you are awarded 5.5 RPs for every $1 in fees paid, you will earn 5.5 RPs.

What if the buy-in is less than $1? Don’t worry. You will earn fractional RPs, too.

For example, in a real-money SnG with a $5+0.50 buy-in, you will earn 2.75 RPs (5.5 / 2 = 2.75 RPs).

In Americas Cardroom cash games

You will earn Rank Points for the rake taken from each hand. Best of all, Americas Cardroom uses the weighted contributed methodology to calculate your points. That means players earn more credit based on how much rake they contribute to a pot.

Rank Points are awarded at a rate of 5.5 RPs for each $1 you contribute to the rake.

Please note that in all ring games, Rank Points will be credited at the end of a hand. That means if you leave a table before the hand is completed, you risk forfeiting the RPs for that hand. To make sure you are paid the RPs you deserve, click “Sit Out”, and wait until the start of the next hand before leaving the table.

How many Combat Points will I earn for each Rank Point?

That depends on your rank in the program. You can earn up to 5 Combat Points for every Rank Point you earn. The chart below explains everything:

Monthly Military Ranks

RankMonthly RPs RequiredCPs per RP


VIP LevelYearly RPs RequiredCPs per RP
5-STAR GENERAL1,000,0005

To help you understand the chart, we have put together a few scenarios:

A Lieutenant plays in a raked hand and earns 1 Rank Points. He will also earn 1 Combat Point. A Major playing in the same game will also collect 1 Rank Point. Here is where it gets interesting. Instead of earning 1 Combat Point, he will earn 2 of them. That is because for every one Rank Point the Major earned, he will receive two Combat Points. In this scenario, 1 x 2 = 2.

How does this translate to tournaments? In tourneys, you will earn 5.5 RPs for every $1 in fee paid. So if a Colonel plays in a $50+5 tournament, he will earn 27.5 Rank Points ($5 in tournament fees multiplied by 5.5; 5×5.5 = 27.5). Since the Colonel gets 2.5 Combat Points per Rank Point, he will earn 68.75 Combat Points, while a Lieutenant will receive 27.5 CPs for the same tournament.

How do I find out what Military Rank I am?

Just log in to the Americas Cardroom software and click the “Rewards” tab. Here we display your rank, how many RPs you have earned, and more.

How do I check my Combat Point balance?

To view your Combat Point balance, launch the Americas Cardroom software, log in, click on the “Rewards” menu, and then choose Elite Benefits.

Do my Combat Points expire?

Your Combat Points will not expire provided you have earned at least one during the calendar year. If you fail to earn at least one Combat Point in a full calendar year, your Combat Points will expire on December 31st of the calendar year in which you failed to earn points.