Monthly Mystery Bounty Tournaments

Our Mystery Bounty tourneys have been a hit with our players, exceeding our own expectations. That’s why we’re taking two of our popular multi-day events and turning them into Mystery Bounty tournaments.

That’s right! The Sunday Squeeze and The Dime are now in the Mystery Bounty format. You’ll find daily Day 1 flights every two hours. Day 2 for both tournaments will take place on the last Sunday of the month.

Whether you compete in The Sunday Squeeze or The Dime, you’ll use your Day 1 flights to grow your chip stack. If you make it to Day 2, you can win big either by running deep or by racking up a potentially huge, surprise bounty whenever you eliminate a player from the tourney!

Tournament Details

The Sunday Squeeze$200,000$16.50$20,000
The Dime$75,000$2.50$7,500

Schedule (Multi-Flight)

Day 1 Flights on Monday through Sunday
12:05 am ET12:05pm ET
2:05am ET2:05pm ET
4:05am ET4:05pm ET
6:05am ET6:05pm ET
8:05am ET8:05pm ET
10:05am ET10:05pm ET
Day 2 on last Sunday of the month
2:05pm ET
*Last flight this day is at 8:05am ET.