Million Dollar Sundays

Play for life-changing money every week!

With multiple Day 1 flights every single day, there’s no reason to ever miss out on this action!

$1,000,000 GTD tournament every Sunday!

• $1 Million guaranteed prize pool
• 35 Day 1 Flights every week ($265 direct buy-in)
• Qualify via satellite starting at just $2
• Day 1 schedule designed for players in all time zones
• Day 2 is every Sunday at 5:30pm ET and plays until completion




MDS - $1,000,000 GTD [Flight]$200$653h LR - 15/12m Blinds - Ends Level 18 - ~4.2hrs Total
Sunday Before5:00 PMFlight 1AFirst Flight
8:00 PMFlight 1BSunday Before Flight
11:30 PMFlight 1CSunday Before Late Late Flight
Monday through Saturday10:45 AMFlight 1D, I, N, S, X, ACEarly Bird
2:00 PMFlight 1E, J, O, T, Y, ADLunch
5:30 PMFlight 1F, K, P, U, Z, AEPM
8:30 PMFlight 1G, L, Q, V, AA, AFLate Night
11:30 PMFlight 1H, M, R, W, AB, AGLate Late Night
Day 2 Sunday9:30 AMFlight 1AHEarly Sunday
12:00 PMFlight 1AILast Flight

Day 2

Sunday5:30 PMMillion Dollar Sunday - $1,000,000 GTD [Main]--15 Min Blinds - Restarts on Level 19 until Completion