$110k in Tourney Buy-ins / Entry Fees + a $15k Poker Trip of a Lifetime

Coming off the incredible success of our inaugural High Stakes Adventure – Vietnam, we’re keeping the ball rolling. We’re having our second run of massive live event satellites to travel to an exotic destination to play in the highest stakes poker tourneys anywhere, versus poker’s elite.

Next stop…. Cyprus!

How it works:

We are guaranteeing 5 packages valued at $125,000 each via two satellites. Each package won will include $110k earmarked for buy-ins / entry fees to the series happening in Cyprus, along with $15,000 cash for flight and hotel accommodations. Note this $15,000 cash for travel is being paid by WPN out of its own pocket.

Main Online Satellites: Buy-in $2,650

Sunday, April 16th 2:05pm ET | 2 Packages GTD | $250,000 TOTAL VALUE
Sunday, April 23rd 2:05pm ET | 3 Packages GTD | $375,000 TOTAL VALUE

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What You’ll Win:

From May 10th to 25th you’ll travel to the ultimate Mediterranean island that offers something for everyone! Relax on stunning beaches, explore ancient ruins and charming villages, indulge in delicious cuisine, and experience the warm hospitality of the locals.

And of course, let’s not forget about the poker!

During your 2-week stay, you’ll have the opportunity to play in some of the highest stakes buy-ins in the world against the Who’s Who of the poker elite. The typical buy-ins for the series range anywhere between $15k and $100k (plus entry fees), so strap in for the ride of your life!

Sell Some Action:

We get it. While taking a shot at poker glory is great, it would also be nice to lock up some of your $125,000 package into a guaranteed win. Being that our CEO loves a good sweat, he has agreed to purchase up to 50% ($55,000) out of the buy-ins/entry fees of each of the tourneys you play, so he can have a horse in the race!

Keep all your action to yourself or sell up to 50% and play poker stress-free. It’s up to you!

Win your seat through Venom Fever:

The $2,650 buy-in amount may ring a bell as it’s, of course, the same buy-in of our $5 Million Venom PKO that’s also starting in April.

This is especially good news because there’s tons of chances to win $2,650 tickets every day via our Venom Fever Satellites happening throughout April! Win a ticket and the choice is yours to play the Venom PKO or one of the Main Online Satellites to Cyprus. Win two tickets and you can play in both!

Added Events: 150k GTD High Stakes Cyprus Warmup Tourneys!

These High Stakes events that you’ll be playing in Cyprus have a unique tournament structure you won’t find elsewhere. So, we’ve decided to add a warmup tournament on the same days with the exact structure of the event you’ll be playing in Cyprus.
Here’s your chance to get some practice and hands-on experience to get your edge. And if you don’t end up going to Cyprus this time, you’ll get your feet wet for when you qualify for our next High Stakes Adventure!


Sunday, April 16th 12:05pm ET | $1,050 Buy-in | $150k GTD
Sunday, April 23rd 12:05pm ET | $1,050 Buy-in | $150k GTD 3hr 20m lr

In addition to the minimum five players heading to Cyprus, the ACR Team Pros are having their own competition, with two High Stakes Adventure: Cyprus packages ($100k in buy-ins) up for grabs.

Be sure to follow ACR’s Social Media channels and the Pros’ personal channels for regular updates.

The Pros will compete against each other in an exciting 5-week Challenge. There are four challenges in all as you can see below, with the first three awarded based on the following point structure:

1st place 120 Points
2nd place 100 Points
3rd place 80 Points
4th place 60 Points
5th place 40 Points
6th place 20 Points
7th place 10 Points

Social Growth (March 27th to April 30th)

We want to see how much each of the Team Pros can grow their Social Media channels over the duration of the competition.

Live and Online Poker (March 27th to April 30th)

The 10 best live and online poker results of the Team Pros will be counted. We decided to make the tournament buy-in vs. cash multiplier count, with live events getting an extra 5x boost as live events take longer to play and you can’t multi-table.

Additionally, the maximum amount of points awarded in any single tournament score is 300.

Point formula for online:  Win ÷ Buy-in = points earned

Point formula for live tournament: Win ÷ Buy-in x 5 = points earned

Quality of Social Content / Influence (March 27th to April 23rd)

An independent panel consisting of Chris Moneymaker and internal ACR staff will review 10 of the most creative Social Media posts and five ways the Team Pros have influenced the general poker world and/or the mainstream media.

Heads-Up Party (April 3rd to April 9th)

Our infamous HU Party is back. This is a 16-person bracket consisting of Team Pros and ACR Stormers. The further the players advance in the bracket, the more points they accumulate.

1st place 80 Points
2nd place 60 Points
3rd place 50 Points
4th place 40 Points
5th-8th place 20 Points

Our ACR Stormers are also getting their opportunity to win a High Stakes Adventure: Cyprus package ($100k in buy-ins). They will compete in four challenges (details below).

Follow all the action on the Stormers’ individual Twitch streams.

League Leaderboard (March 31st to April 23rd)

All Stormers will battle it out in a private set of games. There will be eight games in total (2 per week for 4 weeks).

Each game will give out individual points. For example, if 50 Stormers play in a league game, 1st Place will get 50 points, 2nd Place will get 49 points, and 50th Place will get 1 point.

Heads-Up Challenge (April 8th to 14th)

All Stormers involved will battle in a Heads-Up bracket on a 3-minute delay stream.

1st place 200 Points
2nd place 170 Points
3rd place 140 Points
4th place 120 Points
5th place 100 Points
6th place 80 Points
7th place 60 Points
8th place 40 Points

2 Time Zone – Blitz Cash Challenge (Saturday, April 15th)

0.5c/10c Blitz Table

We have both a U.S. and European Time Zone, each lasting eight hours. Those with the biggest stack at the end are awarded as follows.

1st place 200 Points
2nd place 170 Points
3rd place 140 Points
4th place 120 Points
5th place 100 Points
6th place 80 Points
7th place 60 Points
8th place 40 Points
9th place and below: 20 Points for participation

$2 Jackpot Poker Challenge (April 19th-20th)

Each Stormer plays a MAXIMUM of 50 Jackpot Poker Sit & Go’s within the 48-hour window. For every Sit & Go they win, they will receive 5 points.

Branded Satellites
DateTimeTournamentBuyinFeeDetailTkts GTDTkt Value
Sunday, Apr 1612:05HighStakes Cyprus Turbo Sat - 5 Seats GTD$280.00$10.00NLHE - 2h LR5$2,650.00
Sunday, Apr 1612:05HighStakes Cyprus Turbo Sat - 3 Seats GTD$100.00$9.00NLHE - 2h LR3$2,650.00
Sunday, Apr 1614:25HighStakes Cyprus Hyper Sat - 2 Seats GTD$200.00$7.50NLHE - 50min LR2$2,650.00
Sunday, Apr 2312:05HighStakes Cyprus Turbo Sat - 5 Seats GTD$280.00$10.00NLHE - 2h LR5$2,650.00
Sunday, Apr 2312:05HighStakes Cyprus Turbo Sat - 3 Seats GTD$100.00$9.00NLHE - 2h LR3$2,650.00
Sunday, Apr 2314:25HighStakes Cyprus Hyper Sat - 2 Seats GTD$200.00$7.50NLHE - 50min LR2$2,650.00
Warm Ups
DateTimeTournamentBuyinFeeDetailTkts GTD
Sunday, Apr 1612:05HighStakes Warm Up - $150,000 GTD$1,000.00$50.00NLHE - 3h20m LR--
Sunday, Apr 2312:05HighStakes Warm Up - $150,000 GTD$1,000.00$50.00NLHE - 3h20m LR--
Main Events
DateTimeTournamentBuyinFeeDetailPKG's GTDPKG's Value
Sunday, Apr 1614:05HighStakes Cyprus - 2x $110,000 PKGs GTD$2,500.00$150.00NLHE - 4h LR2$110,000.00
Sunday, Apr 2314:05HighStakes Cyprus - 3x $110,000 PKGs GTD$2,500.00$150.00NLHE - 4h LR3$110,000.00

Terms And Conditions

We will be contacting the winners within 24 hours of winning their package to ensure we quickly book the travel arrangements.