The $12,500,000 Venom. At Least 3 Millionaires GTD. 2137 Players Enrolled So Far! (Last updated 04/19 14:40 EST). Learn how to win your seat for $0.

High Five Leaderboard Competition

Win one of 20 Venom seats ($53,000 total value)!!
March 10th – 31st

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Coming on the heels of our $30,000 OSS Leaderboard Competition, that included three tickets into April’s $12.5 Million Venom, we’re offering a new one during the High Five Tournament Series, again paid out of our pocket.


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The High Five Leaderboard Competition gives you a chance to win one of 20 seats to the record-breaking Venom tourney that starts April 14th. That’s a total value of $53,000! To win your seat, just take part in individual High Five events from March 10th-31st and you’ll get points based on your overall standing.

There are two leaderboards, each with 5 events per day. Event names show an (H) for high buy-in leaderboard events and an (L) for low buy-in leaderboard events. This way, you have a great chance to win no matter your bankroll size.

Make sure to play in those High Five events and get your Venom seat the easy way!

Leaderboard No. 1Leaderboard No. 2
High LeaderboardLow Leaderboard
1st-10th: $2,650 Venom Seat 1st-10th: $2,650 Venom Seat

Terms and Conditions:

1. Point calculation will follow this specific equation: Square Root of (prize pool) divided by the Square Root of (finishing position).
2. Points will be granted exclusively to players who finish in a prize-winning position.
3. Points will only be accrued through participation in OSS events.