Embrace the fantasy and revel in the excitement!

Welcome to Fantasy Poker League: Vegas, your gateway to thrilling cash prizes as you pick your perfect poker team! Whether you’re heading to Vegas or tuning in from home, this league lets you experience the pulse-pounding action of the summer’s hottest poker series without needing to play a hand yourself.

This promotion has no extra charges, and winnings will be credited directly to your poker account seamlessly!

How It Works

1. Draft Your Team: Choose your ideal poker lineup of pros for the most exciting summer tournament series in Vegas.

2. Earn Points: Your team scores points based on the performance of each member in the events. The better they do, the more points you accumulate!

3. Check the Leaderboard: Stay updated with the daily leaderboard to track your team’s progress and see how you compare to the competition.

4. Win Big: Climb up the leaderboard to increase your chances of finishing in the money and taking home incredible prizes.

Key Dates

Team Registration: Wednesday, May 15th – Tuesday, May 28th
Event Duration: Wednesday, May 29th – Friday, July 19th (approx.)

Choose from 3 Fantasy Leagues$20$100$500
Prize PayoutsTOP 5TOP 3TOP 3
1st 40%1st 50%1st 50%
2nd 25%2nd 30%2nd 30%
3rd 15%3rd 20%3rd 20%
4th 10%
5th 10%

How to Register Your Team

1. Log in to the poker client and navigate to “My Account.”

2. Click on the “Rewards” section.

3. Pick up to 8 poker professionals from the 120 available while staying within the budget.

4. Click “Register.”

5. Your account will be debited $20, $100, or $500, depending on the selected league.

Rules and T&Cs

1. Player Registration: You can enlist a maximum of eight players, with a budget ceiling of $300.

2. Registration Deadline: Ensure your team is registered and the payment completed by Tuesday, May 28, 2024, 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

3. Unlimited Teams: Feel free to form as many teams as you desire.

4. Registration Method: All team sign-ups must be done solely via the poker client.

5. Points Update: Player scores will be refreshed daily.

6. Winner Payouts: Winning participants will receive their credits within three days following the final points-earning event.


Coming Soon!

Check your team’s daily progress here, and see how you’re faring against other players!