Win MEGA satellite tickets starting at just $0.11!

The hours of endless satellite grind are over thanks to our Blitz Satellites.  Prepare to be blown away as these revolutionary satellites are the fastest and easiest way to win seats to all your favorite events!


Blitz Poker satellites that let you advance through 6 levels to win a tournament satellite tickets to massive events. They’re like regular satellites, except you don’t have to make a final table or win the tournament to get that ticket.

No matter which level you buy into, you’ll advance to the next one simply by earning 5,000 chips. And you can win more than once with one buy-in. If you finish a Blitz Satellite level with more than 5,000 chips, you’ll move to the next level AND get seated again at the same level with those excess chips.

Blitz Satellites also include a ‘For the Win’ feature. If you really want that ticket and you’ve almost reached the 5,000-chip threshold to level up, you can hit the ‘For the Win’ button and pay the difference.


Throughout Venom Fever we’ll also be offering 3-Max Blitz Satellites where you can win a wide variety of Satellite or MEGA Satellite tickets for as little as $0.11! Jump into one of these lightning-fast satellites that are available 24/7 around the clock!


There are 6 different buy-in levels to win. Remember, you don’t have to start at the bottom, you can buy-in directly at any level along the way.

$0.11                  $0.55
$0.55                  $2.50
$2.50                  $11
$11                     $33
$33                     $109
$109                   $290

Blitz Satellites-All You Need to Know

1. Get started by buying in at any level between 1 and 6 and you’ll be seated in a Blitz player pool with a stack of roughly 10 big blinds (give or take, depending on the level)

2. The objective is to win 5,000 chips. As soon as you get there, you’ve won your ticket to the next level. As opposed to traditional satellites where you must beat 90% of the field, all you have to do is reach 5,000 chips to move on. It doesn’t matter how anyone else is doing.

3. Because you are in a Blitz poker player pool, you aren’t forced to sit at a computer for hours to wait for a satellite to finish. Come and go as you please and you can pick up where you left off.

4. You can even win more than once from one buy-in by finishing with more than 5,000 chips. Let’s say you stack your opponent in an 8,000-chip pot. Not only will you get a ticket for the next level, but you’ll be automatically reseated at the same level you bought in for with the excess 3,000 chips to try and win another ticket.

5. FOR THE WIN FEATURE: We all get stuck sometimes, or sometimes you just want to lock in a win. With the FOR THE WIN feature you can do just that. The indicator at the bottom left of your screen will show you exactly how much cash value your chip stack has towards reaching the next level. Simply click on the FOR THE WIN button to pay for the difference of the ticket is yours.


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