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No one has imagined earlier that one day, the currency will be available in digital form. Earlier, it turned into paper money, and as time evolves, it’s now digitally in our hands.

Digital currencies have made our lives easier as we no longer have to wait for long to send and reverence the money. Though earlier, it takes good up to 3-4 business days to send some bucks, Omni jumped in the place to simplify our money problems.

Unfamiliar with what Omni is? Read along to figure it out!

What is Omni?

OMNI is a platform that supports the development and the trade of digital currencies. When it comes to OMNI, keep in mind that it is built upon the blockchain technology-based over Bitcoin.

Omni Value, Circulation, Exchanges & Symbol

Omni currency’s symbol is OMNI which is 5.12 USD by writing with a 2.71M total market and 374,365.69 USD 24 hours of volume worldwide. It gets down by 10.69% in the last 24 hours of time frame.

It has a coin market ranking of #1324 with a live cap value of 2,897,385 USD. It is active in 3 of the markets out there. With a current circulation of 562,896 OMNI coins, its maximum supply is not available at the moment.

However, for trading OMNI cryptocurrency, you can look over these 2 exchanges that are Bitfinex and BKEX.

How secure is OMNI?

Yes, the OMNI platform is a secure and protected platform based on blockchain BTC. Not just that, this platform gives you the opportunity to users to trade online currencies over it too.

Is OMNI a Private Cryptocurrency?

OMNI is the type of currency that gives you the freedom to keep your transaction information private. It means that if you purchase OMNI cryptocurrency from someone else, no one can find out where that transaction goes; that way, you can secure your personal information effectively.

What is backing OMNI?

OMNI was earlier known as Master coin. It was created over the BCT blockchain technology.

Here, don’t forget that OMN coins are tokens running over the top of BTC technology that can be used upon exchanges and wallets that support BTC trading and transactions.

However, it gives us more features and benefits than real currency, and those benefits are decentralized trading, contract and currencies.

How will OMNI gain value?

With user’s demand, scarcity and OMNI coin’s utility, OMNI can gain value worldwide. Despite this, the market cap also matters a lot. Coin market cap evaluates the value of the digital currency by multiplying the total circulatory supply of a coin with individual coin price.

Coin market cap: Total Circulatory Supply x Individual Coin Price

How to mine OMNI?

Likewise, any other digital currency, you need miners to mine OMNI. But what’s the process, and how it’s correctly done actually to mine OMNI?

For mining, excellent computer mining gears are needed, and special customized programmed software is required. Moreover, a mining platform is also needed to keep the miners running inflow.

Where to buy OMNI Cryptocurrency?

You can see it being listed over numerous crypto exchanges, but here is one drawback you can not actually buy cryptocurrency with your real appearance money.

It doesn’t mean that all doors are closed; you can invest and buy it with BTC. For this, you have to first buy BTC from a big crypto market exchange, which is then later to the exchange to buy OMNI for yourself.

Scroll below to know the procedure of how you can buy OMNI?

How to buy OMNI Cryptocurrency?

First Step

First and foremost, you have to grab BTC or any big crypto to buy OMNI cryptocurrency later. So, head over to a crypto exchange such as and sign up over there.

Once you complete the Signup process, you will get a confirmation mail in your Gmail inbox to give your real phone number for the further 2-step verification process.

Identity Verification

Next, put an end to the whole procedure by finalizing the identity verification. The whole procedure is fully automatic, which doesn’t require more than precious 15 minutes.

Payment Details

Now, it’s time to add your payment details. While doing so, you can opt for debit as we; as bank transfer options. Don’t get confused over here with a mind-fog that “which option should I pick?”

Go for a debit card if you are up to receive quick transections but keep in mind, you will have to pay high charges. Comparatively, bank transfer is much cheaper, you don’t have to pay that much charges, but the minor drawback is that you may experience late transaction transfers in your bank account.

In some regions, you get instant cash in your account with minimum charges, and those regions are mostly European countries.

Last Step

Now you are all set up and good to DANG the “Trade Button”. Pick your desired coin, and lastly, confirm your coin purchase. Voila, you just bought your first cryptocurrency.

At this time, you have BTC in your hand that you can use to buy Altcoin such as OMNI from the exchange it’s being traded at that time.

How to set up an OMNI wallet?

Want to set up your OMNI layer wallet to withdraw your deposits? Following is the procedure(Separate for PC & MAC) that you can follow to step up your account in no time:

Setting Up a Wallet on MAC & PC

  • Step1: Open on your PC.
  • Step2: Go to the “Get Started” section that you can easily find on the homepage of the official site.
  • Step3: Over there, you can find the “OMNI Core” section. Click on the download button.
  • Step4: You will redirected to a page where the OMNI layer has listed varieties of wallet’s specificities for different computer capacities.
  • Step5: At this stage, you have to pick the one out of it according to your PC capability. For PC, you can find multiple options wallet to download on your Windows, Linux and open source.
  • Of course, if you are a MAC owner, download the MAC wallet version.
  • Step 6: Download, Install and add your essential information and get access to your wallet for transactions.

How To Send OMNI to your wallet?

  • Step 1: Log in to your account and head over to “My Wallet”.
  • Step 2: Go to “My Address”, and there you can find the “Send Button”, click on it.
  • Step 3: Again, click on ”Choose Coin”. Add the receiver address into your wallet, add the payment, and complete the procedure by clicking over “Send”!


Omni is a digital currency that allows you to done your transection in no-time. Above, we’ve added our best efforts to discuss the nitty-gritty details of OMNI currency and OMNI layer platform. So, if you are planning to put your hands over it, you can bebnefit from this guide!

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