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ACR Pros - Tom Dwan (screenname: Durrr)

Tom Dwan joined Americas Cardroom in March 2024, taking his place among a pro team bursting with talent. With a hefty $6.5 million in tournament wins and legendary status in high-stakes cash games, Tom’s fearless style and sharp strategic mind have paid off in spades.

Deck shuffling and chip stacking have been part of Tom’s world for almost 20 years. Starting with a lean bankroll of just $50, he played his way to a wealth of winnings. Tom cut his teeth on Sit-and-Go’s before diving into the multiplayer cash game pool and eventually making waves in the 1-on-1 cash game scene.

Tom’s face is familiar to anyone who’s tuned into NBC’s National Heads-Up Poker Championship, Poker After Dark, or High Stakes Poker on GSN over the years. He’s left a mark on the poker scene that resonates with casual viewers and poker pros alike.

Throughout the years and across the felt, Tom has pulled off some jaw-dropping poker stunts. Flashback to 2009 at Full Tilt Poker’s Million Dollar Cash Game, where he cooly snagged a record-breaking $1.1 million pot from Phil Ivey. Then fast forward to a thrilling scene in May 2023, where he outdid himself by raking in a colossal $3.1 million pot, outsmarting Wesley Fei at the Hustler Casino Live’s big-stakes showdown.

Tom’s live tourney wins are just shy of a staggering $6.5 million, earning him spot #246 on the All Time Money List. He’s not just part of the Americas Cardroom family; he’s a force ready to storm up those rankings.

You can find Tom at the Americas Cardroom tables under ‘durrr’ or catch his behind-the-scenes takes on Twitter and Instagram.

Or why not stream into the action with Durrr’s Game?  That’s where Tom and other pros battle it out. Whichever way you follow him, Tom’s stint with Americas Cardroom is shaping up to be as electrifying as his storied career.